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Defatted soybean meal. Untoasted SBM non-GMO

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Defatted soybean meal. Untoasted is flake shape soybean meal of bright creme colour (almost white) with a specific to soybean flavour and odor. It is produced from partially dehulled non-GMO soybeans by extractioin of oil with no high temperature toasting. Widely used as a raw material for texturized protein.

SBM Application area

  • Poultry, swine, cattle feed, pet food

Toasted soybean meal is widely used in modern industrial feed production allowing to compensate the lack of protein in the grain feed and herbal feed

  • Non-GMO soybean meal is widely used for production of companion animal foodSoy sause

Toasted soybean meal is customized to high protein and low indicators to be used for soy sause production


Standard packing: 30 kg polypropylene bags with insert, jumbo big-bags on request

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