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Soybean Fiber

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Soybean Fiber is extracted from soybeans by mechanical processing without the use of alcohol extraction. Fiber is a cell material of soybeans and is used as a natural thickener and stabilizer without the “E” index. Water-binding properties of fiber are utilized in many fields of food-processing. Fiber is proven to have health benefits for digestion and blood systems of human body.

Soybean Fiber application area

  • Meat processing (sousage, hams, minced meat)
  • Preserved meats and seafoods
  • Sour milk (yogurts)
  • Baking (sponge cakes, toast breads) and confectionary
  • Sauces and pastes, jams
  • Breakfast cereals and nutrition bars


Standard packing: 30 kg polypropylene bags with insert, jumbo big-bags on request

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